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Preventing Seasickness: 10 Tips for a Smooth Yachting Experience

A sailing trip in the US Virgin Islands promises crystal-clear waters, gentle breezes, and breathtaking scenery. But for some, the anticipation can be overshadowed by the fear of seasickness. At Summerwind Sailing Adventures, we ensure your yachting experience is nothing short of smooth sailing. Here are 12 effective tips for preventing seasickness and enjoying a stress-free cruise in the USVI.

1. Befriend Ginger

This ancient remedy has been a trusted nausea soother for centuries, and for good reason. Ginger is a natural anti-emetic, meaning it helps calm your stomach and reduce that queasy feeling.

Pack some ginger candies for easy access throughout the trip. Consider sipping on a cup of ginger tea before setting sail to settle your stomach. If you prefer a more concentrated approach, consult your doctor about ginger supplements to see if they’re right for you.

2. Stay Hydrated, But Strategically

Dehydration can be a sneaky culprit that worsens seasickness. However, chugging a gallon of water right before departure may do more harm than good. The key is to sip on water consistently throughout your trip. Aim for small, frequent sips to stay hydrated without feeling overly full. Avoid sugary drinks and excessive alcohol, as they can dehydrate you further and potentially contribute to nausea.

3. Fresh Air is Your Friend

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The open deck is your happy place when it comes to preventing seasickness! Fresh air works wonders in settling your stomach. Take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and spend time lounging on the deck. Feel the gentle sea breeze on your skin and the rhythmic rocking of the yacht beneath you. Focus on the calming horizon; the vast expanse of water has a naturally soothing effect.

4. Acupressure for the Win

This traditional Chinese technique may sound a bit out there, but it can be surprisingly effective in combating nausea. Acupressure involves applying gentle, steady pressure to specific points on the body. The P6 point, located on the inner wrist three finger widths down from the palm base, is known to help alleviate nausea. Locate the point and apply gentle, steady pressure for a few minutes. You can repeat this throughout the day if needed.

5. Light Fare is the Way to Go

When it comes to preventing seasickness, a light and settled stomach is key. Avoid heavy meals, especially fried or greasy foods, for several hours before and during your sail. These types of meals take longer to digest and can put extra strain on your digestive system, making you more susceptible to nausea. Instead, opt for easily digestible snacks like crackers, fruits (think apples, bananas, or pears), or plain yogurt. These options are gentle on your stomach and provide sustained energy throughout your adventure.

6. Distract Yourself

Sometimes, the best way to combat seasickness is to simply take your mind off the motion of the yacht. Engage in activities that keep you mentally stimulated and divert your attention away from any queasiness.

Curl up with a captivating book, spark up a conversation and laughter with fellow passengers over a card game, or simply marvel at the mesmerizing seascape unfolding around you. Focusing on the horizon, the vast expanse of water, and the ever-changing cloud formations can have a calming effect and distract you from any internal discomfort.

7. Over-the-Counter Relief

anti-nausea medication

For some, natural remedies and strategic planning may not be enough. If you’re prone to severe seasickness, consider consulting your doctor about over-the-counter medications like Dramamine or Bonine. These medications work by blocking certain signals in your inner ear that contribute to feelings of nausea and dizziness.

It’s important to note that these medications can cause drowsiness, so discuss proper dosage and potential side effects with your doctor before your trip.

8. Exercises to Find Your Balance

Feeling unsteady on your feet can contribute to seasickness. Here are a few simple exercises you can try onboard to improve your balance and feel more grounded:

Heel-Toe Walking: Imagine a tightrope and walk slowly back and forth across the deck, placing your heel in front of the toes of your other foot with each step. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch directions.

Single Leg Stands: Hold onto a railing for support and stand on one leg for as long as you can comfortably balance. Repeat three times on each leg.

Arm Circles: With your arms outstretched to the side, slowly make small circles forward for 10 repetitions, then switch directions and repeat for 10 more.

These simple exercises can help improve your body awareness and sense of equilibrium, making you feel more stable and potentially reducing feelings of seasickness.

9. Dress for the Conditions

Seasickness can be exacerbated by feeling hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable. Dress strategically for your yachting adventure to ensure maximum comfort and minimize potential triggers.

Opt for loose-fitting, breathable clothing made from natural fibers like cotton or linen. Layers are always a good idea, as the temperature can fluctuate throughout the day. Avoid wearing clothes that are tight-fitting or restrictive around the stomach.

A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are essential for sun protection and don’t forget a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings. Feeling comfortable and prepared for the elements can go a long way in preventing seasickness and enhancing your overall yachting experience.

10. The Power of Positivity: Mindset Matters

Your mental state can play a surprising role in seasickness. A positive and optimistic outlook can significantly reduce anxiety and its physical manifestations.

Instead of dreading the possibility of feeling unwell, focus on the excitement of the adventure. Remind yourself of the breathtaking scenery, the refreshing ocean breezes, and the unforgettable experiences that await you.

Visualization is a powerful tool. Close your eyes and picture yourself feeling happy, relaxed, and enjoying the gentle rocking of the yacht. By adopting a positive mindset, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth and enjoyable sailing adventure.

11. Don’t Fear the Crew

a group of friends enjoying themselves on a luxury yacht

Summerwind Sailing Adventures prides itself on its experienced and knowledgeable crew. They’re not just there to navigate the yacht; they’re also well-versed in helping guests overcome seasickness. Don’t hesitate to let them know if you’re feeling queasy. Our crew has seen it all and can offer a wealth of support. They may suggest additional natural remedies like peppermint tea or recommend specific acupressure points to target.

12. Relax and Embrace the Journey

Sometimes, the very fear of getting seasick can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Anxiety about nausea can heighten your body’s sensitivity to motion, worsening the feeling. Here’s the key: trust Summerwind’s expertise and the sea’s calming rhythm. We’ve been navigating these waters for years, ensuring a smooth and comfortable yachting experience for countless guests. Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and focus on the beauty of the voyage. Let the rhythmic rocking of the yacht lull you into a state of tranquility.

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